Benefits of Assessment

While you may not find value in all of the benefits listed below, the hope is that you find value in at least one of these benefits. As you discover additional benefits, we encourage you to share them with the A-Team so we can include them here.

Promotes Our Programs

As you implement your assessment plans and evaluate your findings, you will find useful data that can be used on your program's web page or other campus sites to promote your program so that potential students and their parents can see the benefits of earning a degree from your program.

Promotes Faculty Engagement

Assessment gives faculty a platform for discussing their program's mission and curriculum in order to best support their students' learning.

Promotes Student Engagement

Students from our campus who are in departments already engaged in assessment have said that when their faculty engage in assessment activities, it helps them realize what skills the faculty value and to help them see how much their faculty value their education.

Informs Teaching and Learning

The data from your assessment activities may indicate changes that can be made to your program to improve the quality of your students' education, such as modifying or adding courses,

Informs Program Review

Engaging in the assessment process will benefit your department because it is now part of your PRP reporting.


Engaging in program learning outcomes allows us as a campus to provide WASC with evidence of student learning and program improvement. Accreditation from WASC is what makes us eligible for federal money to support students with financial need.