Working with Your PLOs

Program learning outcomes (PLOs) describe skills or knowledge that your students should demonstrate by the time they graduate from your program. As you think about creating your plan, you will want to identify a PLO that you want to assess. You may assess multiple PLOs at once, though it is not required that you do so. It is perfectly acceptable to assess one at a time. Over time, all PLOs will be assessed, and once all are assessed, you will go back and assess them all over again. This is necessary because your program, your students, and your faculty change over time.

If you are interested in assessing just a portion of one PLO, that is acceptable. For example, if you have a PLO that looks at both oral and written communication, but you want to focus on assessing written communication, you may do so. Then you can look at oral communication at a later date.

There is no one way to choose which PLO to assess, but some suggestions are to choose a PLO that:

  • Addresses a gap in the curriculum, as shown by your curriculum map or faculty discussions
  • Relates to recent changes to your curriculum
  • Is easy to assess

Please see Program Learning Outcomes for your approved PLOs.

If you are dissatisfied with one or more of your PLOs, please see "Rethinking Your PLOs" and "Updating Your PLOs" for more information. For support, please contact the A-Team.