Curriculum Maps

Curriculum maps are helpful in the initial steps of developing an assessment plan. Curriculum maps are constructed in a table. Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs) are listed across the top; course requirements (i.e., specific courses in which students enroll as part of the program) are listed in the left-hand margin. Notations then indicate the extent to which outcomes are covered within courses.  Maps may also include program milestones.   If your program is largely based off of electives, you are encouraged to consult with A-Team on how to best represent this in your curriculum map. Please see Making your Curriculum Map for more details. If you would like to see examples of a curriculum map, please contact the A-Team.

Curriculum maps can reveal gaps in your curriculum or point to a program learning outcome (PLO) that you may want to focus your assessment on. You will be required to submit a curriculum map for each of your degree programs every three years along with your plan to assess at least one program learning outcome (PLO) for one undergraduate and one graduate program.