Rethinking Your PLOs

It is important for a PLO to reflect a key learning outcome for your program, but it must also be feasible to assess. A well-written PLO will express a specific area of knowledge or skill to be acquired, and the goal with assessment is to determine to what extent students are able to acquire it as a result of your program. 

Each degree you offer must have its own unique set of PLOs - this does not mean that there can be no overlap, but it does mean that two sets of PLOs for two separate degrees must not be identical. For example, if your program offers a BS and a BA, it is understandable that there will be overlap in some of the learning outcomes of these two degrees, but there must also be something that sets them apart from each other. It may be a set of skills of the depth or breadth of knowledge expected, but this difference must be clear from your PLOs.

There are various reasons a program may want to revise their PLOs, including:

  • Changes in curriculum may require updating your PLOs
  • One or more PLOs is not assessable
  • PLOs do not adequately reflect the learning outcomes desired by the faculty

You may update your PLOs at any time (see "Updating your PLOs" for the process). If you would like support in revising your PLOs, please contact the A-Team.