Updating Your PLOs

As programs go through the assessment process, they may realize that one or more of their PLOs needs revising. When revising a PLO, it is important to think not only about the knowledge or skill the PLO is addressing, but also about how to assess that PLO. If your program revises its PLOs without thinking through the assessment, you may find that you will need to revise them again later.

The campus has streamlined the process for the approval of revised PLOs as follows:

  1. Programs send revised PLOs to the Academic Senate.
  2. The Academic Senate will ensure the PLOs are reviewed and approved by the Faculty Executive Committee and the Graduate or Undergraduate Council.

Programs should allow one academic quarter for the approval process. Revisions should be done using "Track Changes" so the changes are easy to identify.

For support with updating your PLOs, please contact the A-Team.