Assessing Your Program's Learning Outcomes

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This site includes materials to help you create, implement, and report on assessment activities. The Assessment Team (A-Team) is available to help you develop and implement assessment plans that fit your program's unique needs. The goal is to help you develop plans that are meaningful for your program but that will not be overly time-consuming or needlessly complicated. 

If you are currently developing your first assessment plan for your three-year assessment cycle, please use the Assessment Plan Template, which provides a description of the information that is required for your assessment plan. If you would like to see a real example of a CoA approved plan, curriculum map, or for any other support, please contact the A-Team.

For funding to support your assessment activities, please apply to the Assessment Grant Program. There are application deadlines each academic quarter. Please see examples of previous assessment projects and results completed by departments under the grant.

At all stages of the assessment process, support is also available to you from the Council on Assessment and the Assessment Research Group.