Program Learning Outcomes

To Create PLOs:
Create outcomes that reflect expectations for student learning and achievement within department programs at the undergraduate and graduate level. Program learning outcomes must be approved by a majority vote of department faculty. 

For further guidance on PLO creation and revision see the WASC Rubric for Assessing the Quality of PLOs


To Revise Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs)

  1. Program/Department drafts revisions via majority vote of departmental faculty.
  2. Program Chair sends revision to Principal Assessment Analyst who will review draft & work with department to ensure PLOs are assessable.
  3. Principal Assessment Analyst sends revision to the Council on Assessment (CoA) who review for alignment with curriculum and can be evaluated through assessment research.  
  4. CoA sends revision back to the Department.  The Department sends final version to the Graduate/Undergraduate Faculty Senate Councils (and FECs) who will ensure PLOs reflect academic standards and expectations
  5. PLOs are formally approved 

Please note: this process can take up to six months

All Approved Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs) Listed Below


College of Creative Studies

College of Letters & Science